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Rosemary extract as an antioxidant in beer. Yes we have it. Aquarox 5% has been used in Australia for many years. Marketed under various names. contact us to find out more.
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AquaROX 5® in Beverage Formulations

Many plants of the Lamiaceae family such as rosemary, sage and oregano contain a complex mixture of water and oil soluble antioxidants [1]. The AquaROX® range of plant extracts provides water soluble antioxidants standardised on rosmarinic acid as their main active ingredient.
Rosmarinic acid has been shown to be a versatile antioxidant [2] acting on a wide range of reactive oxygen species including superoxide, hydroxy radicals and inhibiting lipid peroxidation induced by the peroxyl radical. [3]
In alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages oxidation is responsible for flavour degradation and for flavour and colour degradation in wine ultimately leading to product staling and reduced shelf life. AquaROX 5® provides a water soluble formulation that offers a real solution in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Natural plant extract
  • Only water and ethanol used for extraction
  • Can be certified as organic
  • Free of any GMO ingredients
  • Heat stable to 200oC
  • Standardised to 5% rosmarinic acid
  • Powerful water-soluble antioxidant that can replace SO2
At typical dosage levels in alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages AquaROX 5® has no discernible impact on the flavour or aroma of the end product, but provides a powerful antioxidant that keeps products fresher by retarding oxidation . In beer and wine sulphur dioxide has traditionally been used as an antioxidant either produced naturally during fermentation or added where this is permitted. Reduction of sulphur dioxide in both products is desirable and AquaROX 5® can be used to eliminate the addition of sulphur dioxide or reduce its use significantly.
Using extracts from the Lamiaceae family such as rosemary [4] in beer has been shown to be effective in improving flavour shelf life both by organoleptic assessment and by a variety of analytical methods. In particular it has been shown that rosmarinic acid:
  • Enhances Redox potential of finished beer

  • Maintains Redox potential during brewing process when added early

  • Enhances Redox potential of mash

  • Preserves fresh flavour in beer

  • Helps preserve cis/trans ratio of isohumulone

  • Decreases formation of off-flavours such as 3-methyl butanal and phenyl acetaldehy

Oxidation of beer components is a widely debated subject due to the complexity of the product and the mechanism for these effects is not clearly understood. Since individual processes differ so widely AquaROX 5® should be tried at various points in the brewing process. Typical dose rates are 2 -5ppm rosmarinic acid in finished product and possibly slightly higher for intermediate process addition.

In recent years flavoured alcoholic beverages have become a part of brewery production and these are also susceptible to flavour oxidation. The first example of this [5] was the use of plant extracts rich in rosmarinic acid to prevent the degradation of citral. Under acidic conditions in citrus beverages citral, a key component in lemon flavouring, undergoes degradation to develop off-flavours attributed to the formation of p-methylacetophenone. The addition of rosmarinic acid at levels of 2-5ppm was sufficient to significant retard the formation of degradation products and the shelf-life was significantly enhanced.
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